Эссе по теме «To be happy one needs to have an interesting job»

The question of the employment has always been highly debatable. Some people consider that an interesting job provides happiness to an individual, whereas others strongly disagree with this idea.

In my opinion, a person ought to have an interesting occupation to be happy. Firstly, many people spend most of their lives at work, so it is meaningful for them to have attractive jobs in order to be pleased to devote a large amount of time to accomplishing their work assignments. Secondly, interesting occupations motivate individuals to be productive and show good results which afford people to be proud of themselves, feel their own importance and be happy.

Nevertheless, there are individuals who think otherwise. They allege that to be happy one does not need to be involved in an interesting occupation. The reason is that merely a highly-paid job can make a person happy and fully satisfied with his or her quality of life.

Despite my respect for the opposite conception, I cannot share it as when people are interested in their occupations, they are likely to get a promotion and earn a decent living because these individuals put every effort to demonstrate progress in his or her work.

Having considered these miscellaneous notions, I am still firmly convinced that having an interesting job is a key to be happy for a person.

Эссе по теме «Hobbies distract from school»

Nowadays everybody is getting more and more concerned about education. Some people think that leisure activities tend to interfere with the educational process. Others disagree with this point of view.

In my opinion, hobbies certainly distract from school. Firstly, children generally do not care about studying if they have an interesting film to watch or an exciting game to play. As a result, such pupils usually suffer difficulties when they are doing some school tests. Secondly, leisure activities may prevent students from learning something new at school. Instead of attending lessons, they can play football or video games. Consequently, students may not acquire knowledge of some exciting history or literature topics.

However, there are people who believe that hobbies can never be a distraction from school. They claim that leisure activities broaden students’ minds and improve creativity. It may help them during the school classes and in the future work.

Personally, I cannot agree with the opposing opinion. Hobbies can never help pupils with their studies. They only interfere with gaining a useful information connected to the subjects that will be more practical and beneficial for the career in the future.

In conclusion, I would like to say that free-time activities are a big problem and distraction for those who study at school. It is better to spend time on learning maths, history and other subjects.

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